Blog Contributor for OCD and Families:
Let's End the "I'm so OCD" Trend
OCD: It's not just the media who doesn't understand
A Canadian Perspective on Access to OCD Treatment
'Twas an OCD Night Before Christmas
How Much Can Change For the Better in a Year
Learning From OCD 
An OCD Sufferer's Experience with Online Support Groups
Overcoming "Hit and Run" OCD

Winning OCD Awareness Video Featured on OCD Action:
Coming out of the OCD Closet Wearing an Apron 

Promo Video for OCD Awareness Contest Featured on IOCDF Blog:
#OCDweek Video Contest

Interview with Alison Dotson, Author of Being Me with OCD:
Tuesday Q&A: Melanie Lefebvre

Published in the International OCD Foundation's Quarterly Newsletter (2014)

Creative Fiction Published on Brian Henry's Blog:
Calling all Burglars

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