Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Melanie versus Monsters

This morning I felt completely defeated. This evening I drove alone for the first time in over 6 months. 

Nice little juxtaposition to wrap up the day. 

The intention to drive was there pre-trigger. After all, the faceless passenger had just been created. And, notably, this morning's trigger had nothing to do with driving. 

I used the morning's heartache to ensure I committed to getting behind that wheel. 

If I was going to be sobbing and checking and hiding and ruminating, I would get behind that wheel. 

I'm reminded that driving is not the enemy. OCD is the enemy. 

And while I've learned the content of obsessions doesn't matter, right now, I need to externalize the subtypes I experience. With monsters. 

I snapped this photo of my homemade monster after arriving at my destination. Then I upped her evil factor.
 Shoutout to Catherine. Meeting Olivia has been helpful.

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