Sunday, October 11, 2015


Having OCD used to be my dirty little secret. No one could know. No one would understand. 

I wish I had known about OCD Awareness Week. 
The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) got the ball rolling in 2009. We were past MySpace by then. Maybe Twitter had taken the spotlight. How long have hashtags even been a thing? Was it too early for worldwide trending topics? Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake definitely hadn't done this yet.

OCD Awareness Week may have began in 2009 but it took years for the power of social media to send me the memo.
So let's use our imagination to re-create a new 2009. Let's pretend I was a pioneering Tweeter and hashtags were as common as periods and commas; let's pretend I saw the hashtag #OCDweek while crammed in the OCD closet; let's pretend it helped me feel less alone; let's pretend the shame dissipated earlier; let's pretend I chose to disclose earlier; let's pretend I received treatment earlier.  

We may have to pretend for me. But we don't have to pretend for someone else. 
It is my hope that the #OCDweek hashtag finds someone who needs it, someone who feels ashamed and misunderstood, someone who may not even realize they have OCD, someone who may feel the warmth of the community engulf them as they take a step out of the lonely closet.

Ultimately I did discover OCD Awareness Week. It gave me a backbone, a community of support to propel me further in my journey. 

While I may wish it had come sooner for me, it can come now for you.

Help me help the Melanie's from 2009. The #IOCDF has partnered with the power of Twibbon so we can do this:

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